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Eight years of watching and learning

There's no reason I should be giving advice or motivation unless it's on a topic I have real experience with.

This lifestyle of wellness seeking and character building (think comic book style - physical AND persona traits) is something I'm well versed in.

My boyfriend is amazing during our Trivia nights at the Rabbit Hole on Wednesdays.

I give mixed input and can't even visualize an American map anymore so my contributions are...suspect.

Start talking to me about eating habits or physical training and I can go on longer than you probably care to listen.

This has come about from eight years of working within the fitness world and applying to my own life as well.

My take on most fitness advice is that it breezes by the basics and elaborates on the minutiae.

Like focusing on supplements when what needs to be discussed is food and movement.

Or worrying so much about how a workout is done, as opposed to what is it that has been keeping you from eating well and moving regularly for so long?

Think about that for a second; why have you held onto these negative feelings about your body for this long and not made the real changes necessary for those feelings to be let go of.

It may have nothing to do with your actual physical body and more to do with how the body is being viewed or the standard it's being held against. Did you put this onto yourself or did someone else teach you?

Address it, and turn towards a better feeling about yourself; letting go of that dark tether that's been holding you back. If this is too daunting you can try a therapist or close friend that will be a good sounding board.

If you can only see the commonalities I've witnessed year after year with clients you'd know you're not as weird as you think, and that it's completely doable!

- See more at: SDGLN

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