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Feed Your Spirit and Your Body: Travel

A healthy body also includes a healthy mind, taking a trip to the desert can do both.

Part of staying healthy, body and mind, is not just being active through movement but by providing ourselves with new opportunities to find appreciation in the moment.

Travel is an easy way to accomplish both of these aspects, and with so many fun excursions so close to San Diego, now is the time to hit the road.

This week I’m giving you spots at our ever-so-cool mid-century neighbor, Palm Springs.

Next week will be a roadtrip to what National Geographic has listed as its Top 100 World Hikes; Zion National Park’s “The Narrows” and "Angels Landing".

Vegas is fun, but it’s kind of intense; whereas Palm Springs is like pushing the reset button.The energy of the desert, with the backdrop of the mountain range right up against the valley, lets you easily shift into chillout mode.

It’s a two hour drive through beautiful hills. So throw on an audio book and get into it.My current book I’m listening to for the drive is The Art of Allowing, by Esther and Jerry Hicks (about the power of thought and emotion on one's life).

The time for being active in the desert is in the morning before the heat. Get your corned beef hash at Sherman’s Deli, try and steer clear of that bakery case; it’s the stuff dreams and diabetic comas are made of.

When you’re done it’s time for a 2.5 mile ride up Mount San Jacinto. The Aerial Tram takes you strait up the mountain side from the valley floor, leaving you at the lodge surrounded by pine and miles of hiking options.

It’s even paved for a good way if you aren’t ready for a big trek, so make the trip you’ll be glad you did.

Being active now, buys you pool time later!

Midday is mandatory swim time in Palm Springs. My favorite is the ACE Hotel. The vibe is killer, their kale salad with chicken is amazing, and the date shake is uniquely Palm Springs. Don’t forget your sandals because the ground gets cookin!

When the heat beats you down, go take a nap in the AC and get ready for dinner.

The Tropicale Restaurant has all the vibe you’d expect Dezi and Lucy to opt for when they would escape Hollywood. The patio is a desert oasis, while the bar inside serves a mean dirty sapphire martini under its Tahitian mural. My favorite meal in summer is the chilled corn soup with a crispy calamari appetizer.

The menu is fantastic but remember to try and keep it cute, you still have more pool time tomorrow!

The queer bars here can finish you off right--if there’s gas left in the tank.

Try out Hunters for fun gogo dancers and a great dance floor.But this is the desert, and you’re not the only one who played all day. So bed time tends to be a bit early which is fine by me.

Don’t just belly up to the place with the most tourists out front and then hide in your room.

Find activities you can be proud to share with friends. Maybe it’s just a long walk in the morning before the city wakes up; or it’s a butt kicking spin class at Cycle Rhythm Ride before day drinks.

You do you, but don’t forget to push your comfort zone a bit.

Most importantly find something in everything that you can appreciate.

Then go tell the world, make a rampage of gratitude!

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