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You can use desire to attain your goals

Approach your entire day the same way an athlete approaches a competition.


Desire brings us closer to others we are interested in.

It directs our thoughts daily towards what we want. It’s the foundation for the goals we set and thus the parameters of our lives.

Setting your goals out long term is good, but if you lack the intentions in the present moment that support them you won’t be nearly as successful in reaching them.

Too often we submit ourselves to the day without consciously setting the tone ahead of time; instead just dealing with the moments that are handed to us and not the ones that we choose.

Think about a competitive swimmer.

Their goal for themselves may be to end the season in the top three of their region for breaststroke.

That’s long term. Their “in-the-moment goal” is much more specific and immediate in scope: stand on the platform with the big and middle toe just over the edge, approach every stroke with power and ease, kick with greater glide at the end just like the coach said, laugh loudly once they win and blow a kiss to their mom in the crowd.

This kind of visualization is immediate and filled with forethought and feeling.

The feeling is super important.

A visualization of winning, with a feeling underneath of defeat because the fear of losing is strong does not have the same outcome as winning thoughts powered by feelings of accomplishment.

Approach your entire day the same way an athlete approaches a competition.

Think about your day at work. Think about what you’d like to have happen, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be super on task all day and get to laugh with my coworkers while doing it?”

Feel what that outcome would feel like, and let it go. No follow-ups with reasons why it could go wrong, or why it hasn’t gone that way in the past.

Feel good, and let that be.

Maybe it’s a date you “pre-feel” in this way, or conversation your about to have on the phone, or just how your night sleep will go.

It can be anything and should happen often throughout your day.

If you need help setting some realistic goals for yourself physically, hit me up at and we can design a plan and follow it together.

Nothing is out of your reach if you can visualize it, AND feel it (that’s the kicker!)

Good luck, you got this.

Read more at SDGLN.

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