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San Diego's Top Five Parks for Workingout

I don't need to sell you on the overall fantastic-ness of San Diego.

Either you're a transplant who chose to move here or, like me, you're a native that chose to stay.

What I may need to help with though is reminding you to really take advantage of living in a city where people come to vacation.

One of those ways is by taking your workout outside, maybe even grabbing a friend, to train in one of our amazing parks.

I'll give you a workout to try as well; remember to work within your own limits, if something feels off stop doing it and research some more.

Finding a trainer for outdoor work is easy and doesn't have to break the bank. My small group training for example is $35 a person. So solo, with a friend, or with your new trainer that you love AND hate, have fun in your city.

Here's a list of my Top Five Parks and a total body workout to go with:

#5: Old Trolley Barn Park (Adams & Florida)

Sitting in the heart of some of my favorite hangouts, this is a hidden gem so don't go telling 'errbody! With a kid's playground and some smaller inclines, you can get great sprint work in while keeping an eye on your midgets. There are drinking fountains but no restrooms so keep that in mind

#4 Fanuel Street Park (Fanuel off Sail Bay)

This is another less known park that is a great spot to take out-of-towners for sightseeing. With a great grassy area right by the boardwalk, and the sandy beach of Sail Bay, there's all kind of workouts you do here. From soft-sand runs to kettle bells in the grass. There's even a yoga group that you can drop in on that meets regularly. It does have a restroom and drinking fountains.

#3 Mission Hills Open Space (by Grant Elementary)

Though lacking any creativity in naming, this park is at the location of one of San Diego's first cemeteries! The relocated headstones can still be found along the backside. Lots of shade and hills here with an awesome running path around it. It also workout stations to spice things up. You'll feel right at home in this Mission Hills enclave.

#2 Embarcadero Marina Park (Bayside of Convention Center)

Try taking the Convention Center's infamous stairs to this overlooked park. Having access to these stairs makes this a tie for my #1 spot. Once in the park you have some equipment, like pull up bars, that extend your options even farther. And talk about a view, this is quintessential SD. Yes to bathrooms and drinking fountains.

#1 Balboa Park (Laurel & Balboa Dr.)

Directly across the street from Nate's Point Dog Park in Balboa is one of San Diego's largest and most unique features. Set aside in reserve for public recreation use in 1835, it's one of America's oldest. It has everything you need in setting that will keep your selfie game on point! Wear your cute workout outfit here btw. You're guaranteed to see a TON of hotties jogging, dog walking, or sunbathing. (I'm a good wing man and got your back!) This is also where the photos were taken.

The Workout: (Research what you don't know or email me with questions! writegf@gmail)

Complete 100 Straight Leg Raises for lower abs

Complete 100 Weighted Crunches

For 12 Minutes: (Cycle round and round until time's up)

-12 per side Kettle Bell Plank Row

-12 per side Single Arm KB Bench

-12 Burpees

For 8 Minutes: (As many times as possible in 8)

-8 KB Thrusters (RESEARCH FORM!)

-8 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull (FORM!)

-8 KB Bi-Curl into Front Press

Tabata Sprints (4 min of total work; 20 Sec Sprint, 10 Sec rest)

It's going to be an amazing Spring and Summer, get up and out there!

Photos Courtesy of Dave Decaro and

For more check out SDGLN

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