Try these simple tweaks before making massive overhauls

Getting a good compliment can feed your mood often long after the moment has passed and you’ve slipped out of that great outfit back into your ‘eatin pants.

Putting yourself in the position to receive more comments such as these by taking care of your body feels especially good.

It’s not just a nice shirt they’ve noticed but the effort you’ve made to do something good for yourself by say losing a little weight, or starting your days with a jog so you’re more alert at work.

Loving your self includes loving your body. That means the chub too!

Love the person that performed crappy at work and was kind of catty over cocktails.

This self-love doesn’t mean we can’t also notice areas where things could be better. It’s the noticing and NOT doing something about it where we do a disservice to ourselves.

Let’s assume you want to lose some weight. That means we need to be in a calorie deficit at the end of the day.

A good rule of thumb is about 500 calories less than what you need to maintain your current weight.

This takes some math and skill so if you can’t do it on your own reach out for help to me,, or another personal trainer!

Think of easy ways to begin to chop out calories from what you already eat.

No big lifestyle changes in the beginning.

Once these changes become second nature you can think about more substantial tweeks.

Examine choices you make daily that have alternate options.

For me that’s Starbucks.

Being a Mobile Personal Trainer all I do is drive from client to client and I love me some coffee.

The difference between a Venti Cold Brew (5 cals; 0 carb,0 fat, 0 protein) and a Venti Iced Vanilla Latte (270 cals; 45 carb, 5 fat, 10 protein) is substantial!

You get all the crack to start the day off right by skipping the added fluff.

And you’ll get used to it being black at first; just suck it up and think about how your belly jiggled going over that uneven pavement in the car the other day.

That’s half of what we’re shooting for already!

Now let’s switch the sugary pastry out.

My favorite is the Old Fashioned Donut (480 calories; 56 carbs, 27 fat, 5 protein) can be switched with my other favorite the Marshmallow Dream Bar (210 calories; 43 carbs, 4 fat, 1 protein).

Both fulfill your craving but the Dream Bar (aka rice krispy treat) saves you 270 calories and 23 grams of fat!

Start by being consistent with your resolve to make changes and eventually making larger ones won’t be such a stretch.

See more at SDGLN.

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