All's Fair; be healthy and still have fun at San Diego County Fair.

Being Gay in San Diego is pretty damn awesome.

Not every city has such a mix of activities that don’t just happen at the gay bar on Saturday nights.

These events can also be excuses for us to work in some more physical activity while enjoying our awesome town.

I LOVE the SD Fair. Have since I was a kid and that almost quintessential American fun is right up my alley; chocolate dipped bacon and all.

On June 18th there is the SD Fair 5k which lets you run through the fair before it’s open to the public and you get two free tickets for admission. So I got some friends together, many who I only see at the bars, and we’re running it together to do something different with our day AND get a fun workout in.

Now, the last time I did “cardio” was the long run I had to make across University when the light was about to change. But this 5k isn’t long and with friends it will be fun to push myself here.

But say you are morally opposed to running and refuse. All good, at least you can spend the day walking at the fair while you check out the 12ft. tall horse (he’s so cool!).

This Saturday is Out at the Fair if you wanted to get your extra steps in while being with Family. I’ll be there too!

Taste the fun food, share it with friends, enjoy the special treat that is a deep fried Oreo!

But it’s the sharing of these things that is key. Who really needs their own massive plate of Australian Potato Chips and two foot long Corndog? Letting a friend split the joys, or the disgust as you learn some things are better left un-fried (I’m talking to you Deep Fried Butter), is just more fun and saves you the gut-ache and regret when you leave.

These are little splurges that make memories. Enjoy your time… without going full ham-sammich.

If you’re having ice cream as a “treat” four nights a week on the reg, pizza once or twice, a Coke daily, what’s so special about getting to do it again at the Fair. These types of foods should be exceptions, not the norm. Our food needs to be prepped in a kitchen not a factory. These things matter.

If you want to know more about these events, or better yet come with, write me at

Get out and enjoy America’s Finest City, take your time doing it and those extra steps will work their way in.

Check out more at SDGLN

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