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When you see that fit person eating crap


At 6'4" and 230 lbs, eating isn't just for function to support all this body, but it's for fun for me too. As a trainer, I come across so many odd ideas people hold on what "healthy eating" looks like. Not to mention the things we have to avoid to have the body we want.

To eat well does not have to look like chicken, rice, and broccoli every meal! If we ever get the chance to have a drink together (YES, even booze can fit in!) than you'll likely see me eat some fun food that doesn't fit your idea of healthy.

You would be right, if the rest of my daily carbs, fats, and proteins weren't being adjusted to accommodate for the splurge. This is called macro tracking, and the app MyFitnessPal is a great tool for it.

Knowing I plan on having drinks that night, I'll limit my carbs early in the day to fit in the alcohol calories and surprise foods I might eat later.

Now, this doesn’t mean you get to go nutso on “cheat meals” (and it isn’t a cheat if happens EVERY DAY let’s not fool ourselves). But having a life that allows for the things I want to enjoy is important enough for me to be extra mindful of the things I eat around those special moments.

It’s a rare occasion that we are blindsided by the general layouts of our day. Not taking the effort to plan on what your meals will look like is a sure recipe for disappointment.

When you try on those H&M pants next and can’t blame the poor fit on their European styling hopefully you’ll remember this tip and put some real thought into planning for your splurges.

Do some research or find a trainer, like myself, that can help you decide how much carbs, fats, and protein is right for your goals. Knowing a specific number of these macros that you’re aiming for will give the freedom to move within those ranges; eating more freely than most think is possible while having the body you want.

Voted 2015’s Outstanding Personal Trainer

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