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None of us are getting out of here alive.

If this game ends the same for us all, then what we do with our time is monumentally important. But by whose standards are we measuring our efforts?

I don't own a home. I'm not married. I quit college after five years of changing majors and acquiring debt. Oh, and I'm gay. This is a failure to what I grew up learning was my goal.

Those goals were not actually mine. As an adult I've learned my happiness is rooted far deeper and much further from these "accomplishments". Creativity, health, and kindness bring me a deep joy that is so fulfilling.

I have some clients who feel overweight and those that feel underweight. Either of which are fine and we work together accomplishing the counter to these feelings.

But when a self-image is developed from an unhealthy standard-and the reasons are myriad as you can imagine-then no matter what we do to change physically, our mind-set can be stuck. Leaving us unable to live in the new moment we've created.

Talk about your goals out loud to a confidant. Verbalizing our inner dialogue is a great way to recognize unhealthy thought patterns.

Also, try viewing yourself in a third-person perspective. Imagine the teenage You is explaining how they feel about themselves. Does it seem like they're being too critical of themselves? Are they worrying more about what others think than how they actually feel inside?

I love myself and enjoy myself greatly. Not because someone told me I was worthy; but because I say so.

Be the best version of yourself, and love all the quirks that make you, you.

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