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Maybe we shouldn't play follow the leader

Some things we take for granted and don't even question.

For example, half of Americans sit while wiping where the other half of the population hovers; and most don't even know the other type of wipers even exist!

How about when you take the coffee out in the morning, then pour it into your oatmeal to mix up? You don't do it that way? You probably use water to make oatmeal which is the accepted method by most.

There's a danger in accepting a sort of "industry standard".

What works for some some doesn't mean it's going to work for you. From social to physical applications this is an important understanding.

Just from years of typical "dieting" alone, you may have actually damaged your brain, endocrine system, or thyroid. All of these can factor in to why you can't seem to loose weight now, why you always feel hungry, or even how everything you eat just seems to to turn to fat.

Jumping into a diet that is very low in carbohydrates could exasperate a condition you may not even know you have developed. So what worked for your friend to loose fifteen pounds could just make you feel discouraged and un-well.

This is when seeing a specialist, like Dr. Aliza Cicerone at Spark Health, can make all the difference. You'll know you should seek help when what should be working just falls flat when you try it.

And be honest here, did you actually cut carbs like you say you did or did the wheels fall off most nights as dinner comes around and the wine and snacks come out?

The same holds true for workouts.

Our bodies don't all respond the same way to the same stimulus.

Find a workout plan that you want to try and follow it through for at least eight weeks. After this time of actually following a course, you can asses the results and decide to stick with or change to a new one.

The Internet is full of great sample plans and there are trainers like myself that are waiting to help as well.

Have you hit a wall with training or diet? I'd like to hear your experiences, write me at and tell me your story!

You're unique, and worth the effort to find out what's right for you.

- See more at: SDGLN

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