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Age and babbies doesn't have to mean fat and forty

I learn so much about people through my hour long personal training sessions. They end up learning a whole bunch about me too for that matter!

I was talking to one client who just had her first child a little over a year ago. She's about to turn 40 and the weight won't budge.

In the past she was able to make tweaks to her diet and see change in weight. But the food alone isn't affecting her composition as drastically as it used to.

She knew she needed to do something more and start a training program. Her fears of not knowing what to do, or how to do it, kept her from beginning anything for this whole year.

On top of it all she felt embarrassed at how far her body had slipped which even furthered her inaction.

Though she felt unique in her struggle, this is a place many of us either currently find ourselves or have been in in the past.

My last entry spoke about learning to accept your new normal, and work from there.

For her, the new normal is a 40 year old woman's metabolism that is altered from pregnancy.

This isn't some kind of acceptance of a death sentence. Rather it's an evaluation of your perimeters and factors so that within this paradigm you can succeed.

To start out, combine a food log and 3-4 days of High Intensity Interval Training.

The log will help you find gaps or overages in your diet that can then be modified. The HIIT will get your metabolism working higher.

So that what you do put into your system is being processed more efficiently and not just stored as fat.

Research workouts and do them on your own, the internet is full of great ideas.

If you have questions or even want to schedule a meeting to work on these things let me know!

I'm interested to hear your stories. Write me at with some of your experiences.

- See more at: SDGLN

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