Past injuries don't have to stop you

Well it happened.

I was straddling my laundry basket like a sumo wrestler looking for a good time, and while picking up a sock, I pulled my low back.

A sock.

Life happens to us all, and we can either ignore the pain by popping a pill, or do the work to ease the cause.

So, yesterday was wiped of clients and I did a full day of self care. Today I'm moving freely and want to share how it was done.

A little back story: I was hit by a car walking across the street and went through his windshield. This was a year-and-a-half ago and I'm usually mindful of the work I need to do to stay pliable and mobile.

But, I've been lazy and not using the roller on my hips, legs, and back. So after a four day weekend of lounging poolside in Palm Springs I actually got tighter, because I'm normally so active, and this set me up for a back injury.

So, I went to to see Gayle, at North Park Acupuncture, in the morning for needles and cupping.

I've had amazing results in the past on back issues with acupuncture and know it works. The studies and history behind it add even more weight.

After our session I left feeling a good 75% better and the results develop even more a bit after treatment. She is amazing.

Next I scheduled my massage. The boyfriend just happened to have gotten me a gift certificate for a couples four-hand massage at Karma Spa, over off First Avenue and Washington Street. So I booked it for that day and with the help of two practitioners working me OUT, I left walking on air.

There is pre-hab and there is re-hab. I was lacking on the pre-hab by not doing the foam roller and stretches. But luckily I knew enough to act quick in the re-hab and am back in business.

Just because you're feeling well doesn't mean you can slack on the activities that foster future wellness.

Act now my friends!

- See more at: SDGLN

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