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You don't have to diet-torture yourself in the New Year

How many posts and stories have you heard since the 1st about all the things people aren't eating/drinking for a month?

I'm all for a "cleanse" or anything that gets you back on track. But if what you're returning back to once this abstention ends is what got you here to begin with, you haven't actually accomplished much. The way you were is waiting for you.

What if, instead of making the things you want into forbidden fruits, you taught yourself how to have them in your life in a healthy manner?

It's like European kids getting small beers mixed with lemonade at Octoberfest. They grow up knowing what moderation actually looks like and they don't go "white-girl-wasted" their first time away from their parents.

Use extreme diets, like very low carbs, to accomplish short term goals.

Maybe it's a photo session, or vacation coming up making you want to cut that last bit of fat to put your best foot forward.

Daily life is not ONLY healthy if your food feels as though you're prepping for acceptance to a monastic order.

Studies have shown that people who logged their food and completed a training program lost TWICE the

weight as those who didn't. Just the act of seeing what we're actually putting into our body has huge effects on the outcome.

Try a food journal for one month. Use a notebook, or better yet download Myfitnesspal, and track your intake. From here you can teach yourself how to eat within a calorie range that suits your gaining/loosing goals.

Don't torture yourself with food! I'm proof that eating is fun AND can keep you healthy and fit.

If you need help, ask for it! Online and in-person training is so easy to find. I have clients whom I never meet and who still are kept on track by our interactions vie email and text.


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