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Weapons of Undoing

I like to be held too.

I like thinking that there’s some sort of system behind it all and I will be taken care of by some universal good-people-good-things-happen law.

But there’s a time when the comforts become the weapons that may be our undoing.

Fast food is cheap, and easy, and I’m genuinely busy.

I worked nine hours which leaves five hours to get dinner, have a social life, watch Game of Thrones, run an errand, be intimate with my boyfriend and take a shower; I don’t have time to workout.

If you’re looking for the silver bullet that simply has to be fired to end your various health woes, the search will be long and fruitless.

But, if you’re looking around at the masses and thinking something is wrong with our approach to wellness, be it social/physical/mental, than it is time to step apart and forge on your own.

Make yourself the priority because if you don’t the consequences are clear.

Either your body already shows the signs of the lifestyle you lead, or the seeds are being sown for future ailment.

Find the healthier lunch option near your work, and if there isn’t one that means you’re bringing your own from now on. If your day is yoked with work and errands, than you’re waking up an hour and a half earlier tomorrow to train before the day starts.

Take charge of your success and act. The resources are there when you’re ready to live consciously.

I’m here, email me your questions and I’ll answer!

This step towards action isn’t really being taken alone. You’re in good company. There are plenty of people who are training hard, eating mindfully, and waiting to shake your hand on the other side.

- See more at: SDGLN


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