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Christmas Cookie Realness

Are five cookies a viable post-workout meal? Not exactly, but it's Christmas and I had my gluten pills handy so bring it on.

This is a treat that comes around yearly and participating in the holiday fun is something I really look forward to.

There's a time to be stringent in terms of diet and then there's time for five cookies. The rest of the way you eat needs to consistently stand apart from these breaks in form though. If the line is too often eating five cookies three days in row, then the treat is a habit and we're gaining weight.

Beating ourselves up for participating in special occasions only serves to build shame and create more negative relationships to food.

We have the luxury to eat for fun and for wellness. Part of eating is the fulfillment knowing that you've done so to serve the body you love.

If you don't know what it would look like to eat for your particular body goal find a trainer or start researching on your own. Start with whole foods and minimal processing. Use your stove and cook, ditch the microwave. Don't drink your calories and get tons of water.

Don't worry, you can plan for these holiday splurges. Check out my past blog on how to treat this influx of fun calories and try the workout!

Merry Christmas, and I'm accepting gifts in cookie form from clients and friends in case you feel so inclined.

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