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Have you found your tribe?

I was reminded yesterday by a trainer I look up too, that I need to keep in focus the type of client or person I'm trying to reach and speak to them in my fitness blog. I thought not only for me, but for all of us looking to communicate our intentions, this is key!

It's true, that while I'd love to resonate with as many as possible, there's a general type that is drawn to me and that I am invigorated by as well.

It's usually the person that thinks fitness, healthy living, even abs, are for that other guy. Not for them.

In an age of genetics, where easy slogans like, "It's in my genes" let us off the hook so readily, where is the impetus to act? With disease and weight gain being attributed to the US' extensive GMO use, what's the use in even trying?

That's the slew that surrounds us yet some decide to look for a hand out. I love being that hand!

Not one of us, not a single one, has not gone through some sort of hurdle to arrive where they are today. It's not our exposure to life's inevitables that really creates our character; it's our relation to those struggles.

Am I defined by a skin condition on my scalp that can be painful and embarrassing? Or am I grateful it's hidden in my hairline, that I have access to a doctor, and it's not a constant but comes and goes? I try to bring focus back to the latter points when it gets rough and it helps a lot.

My market is the person that needs a reminder of who they are. Sometimes we can only see our fears and an outside perspective can show just how false those expectations really are.

Can you redirect your message, maybe in work life, and speak more to the niche you're really interested in?

Letting go of trying to please everyone can free you up to go find your tribe!

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