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Are we just a pic and a profile?

I don’t need to tell you, but the world we operate in is not as it was just a mere ten years back. Images through social media and our camera phones have linked us to each other not just by our identity, but our “profile”.

What and who I am is so much deeper than the image I have to offer. I think it’s safe to bet you feel the same way?

My Facebook shows my highlights. Where the fun stuff I like to think on from my days are made public. Instagram shows pics of my body, workouts, and some lifestyle.

These profiles show angles of a person, but what of the whole? What about our intimacies that we’re too shy to share? Or events during the day so banal they don’t warrant a selfie, and yet shaped our day?

We used to be afraid of what the neighbors might think. Now we have to worry what our whole extended network may think and possibly the world if that video of me puking goes viral and Wendy Williams shows a clip!

So who do we worry about if it’s so much more than just our next door neighbors aware of us?

With a pool this large now, there’s also more room than ever to create a niche for yourself and thrive!

Pick a body type and make it yours. Pick a genre of clothing or music and dive in full force. Find that interest and feed it; just be sure and do it big and not just dip your toes.

Have long legs and short torso? Highlight those stems and OWN them. Big eyes? Use that canvas to accentuate the exotic nature of your face. It’s the almost odd models that get attention and draw our eye. Not because they’ve tried to blend with the masses by muting an extreme, but because they’re standing out!

If it’s a workout schedule you want to get involved with than do it full force. Once a week of pretty much anything doesn’t add up to big change. Read fitness blogs, subscribe to magazines, or hire a trainer. There’s so much inspiration but it needs action behind it to matter.

You can do this.

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