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Like a starved dog's logic about bones; HUNGER

I need meat-I go to the grocery and buy it clean, packaged and ready. I need a new shirt quick for the event I forgot about-I go to Top Man at the the mall and grab one. I want a date-I go on Tindr. I want a screw-I go on Scruff (not really but I know people). It's easy to expect prompt results in a society of such convenience. But there's a paradigm shift that needs to happen in how many of us think of our bodies and our long term health. Many things we do cyonsistently like teeth brushing, working, or sucking the gut in for pictures. We accept it as a part of life that must be repeated. So, why then do we decide to eat well and workout for two weeks just to get disappointed when our bodies have yet to change? Consistency in physical activites and maintaining either a calorie deficient, for weight loss, or calorie surplus, for gaining, is a part of life. Oprah wants you to love your body. Even a clearly overweight body. So do I...with conditions. I want you to love AND accept the lifestyle that produces that body. Do you love your body enough to prevent diabetes, joint degradation, and heart attacks? Do you love the aesthetics of your body? If not, is it something that you can control or is it just something you were born with that you can learn to love? Our bodies are great indicators of the lifestyles we lead. Can you be proud of that? We are adults, and can accept that some things just need to be endured, like workouts, monitoring what we eat, and the fact that Kim Kardashian insists her ass is natural. You'll find that over time you can learn to enjoy the things that used to be such work. I never jump for joy to workout. I'm actually a big baby when it comes to pushing myself. Yet I truly enjoy the results of my gym time and understand the give-to-get of the equation. If you need help to push yourself, or learn your calorie parameters, reach out to a trainer like myself and make the changes you desire. A lifetime change can sound daunting. You have to trust that you're worth it. Get hungry for it! Just start with today. Tomorrow never comes anyway.

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