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Porking out without filling out

With the weather finally showing some signs that it’s fall--it may not be the Global Warming End of Days after all--I immediately start thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I love eating more than is probably normal and this time of year suits me well with all the social gatherings based around food.

So how do we have a normal life during the holidays and still not loose track of our health and fitness goals?

Our bodies convert extra calories into fat very easily.

Thanks to evolution, our bodies are reluctant to give up those precious stores in case the caribou aren’t plentiful next hunt. I use this as a word of warning against not planning ahead and just trying to work off the holiday parties come January.

Combat the possibility of new chub by adding additional volume to your current physical activity (you are doing something active on the daily yes?) and by accommodating the higher calorie parties with lower calories the rest of your day.

For adding in volume, try starting your day with interval training and then later in the day also doing your usual form of a workout. Spiking your metabolism twice in one day like that will help to keep that calorie engine running high.

A.M. Workout:

-5 sets of 20 Crunches

-Tabata Jumping Lunges (4 minute total work: Alternate 20 secs of max effort with 10 seconds of rest)

-20 minute Interval Run: use a two-to-one work to rest ratio. So run the length of two street lights and walk the length of one; do this back and forth for twenty mintues.

And for hedging the high fat and high carbs that the holiday food inevitably will bring you, keep your other meals simple.

Vegetables and lean proteins will keep you feeling full while saving room for the fun stuff later! We can’t eat how we normally would throughout the day and then throw on top of it all the rich foods and alcohol without gaining some weight.

Plan ahead and have a ball. I’ll be out there enjoying myself right along with you.

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